The End of Anil Dujana: An Overview of the Uttar Pradesh Police STF Shootout

The 21st of August, 2022, The Uttar Pradesh police Special Task Force (STF) met Anil Dujana who is one of the most notorious gangsters of the state, during an intense gunfight. Dujana was the mastermind behind many heinous crimes like murder, extortion, and robbery. He had kept evading police for decades. In this piece we’ll explore the specifics of the incident and the story of Anil Dujana and his criminal activity, as well as the consequences of his death criminal scene in the state.

The Encounter Shootout

The STF was informed by intelligence sources which indicated that Anil Dujana had been hiding in an apartment rented located in Lucknow. When they arrived at the address at night, the STF team was able to surround the residence and requested Dujana to turn himself in. He refused to surrender and fired at police officers. The confrontation lasted some time and led to the deaths of Anil Dujana, as well as two his accomplices. A STF employee also suffered injuries during the incident.

Anil Dujana: Life and Criminal Activities


Anil Dujana was born in the year 1985 was an habitant in the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. Dujana was infamous for his method of targeting business professionals with high net worth as well as influential persons and demanding exorting money from the victims.

Impact of Anil Dujana’s Death

The shootout between police and protesters that ended in Anil Dujana’s murder was hailed as an impressive achievement for authorities from Uttar Pradesh police in their combat against organised crime.This incident has also been highly praised by the public whom have been calling for an end to Dujana as well as his group members for quite some time.

Criticism of Encounter Shootouts

In the past, shootouts in encounters have been frequently criticized for having no legal basis and a violation of the rights of people. There have been incidents that innocent victims were killed in these incidents. Police are accused of taking laws in their own hands and not following the law enforcement process. The incident with Anil Dujana was also condemned by a few human rights advocates who’ve demanded an exhaustive investigation to look into the issue.


The battle with Anil Dujana who is a notorious gangster from Uttar Pradesh, has once brought to light the problem of organized crime within the state. Although the incident has been called a major success for police officers but it has raised doubts about the efficacy shooting outs during encounters as a method of tackling criminality. It is crucial to find the right balance in between the pursuit of law and the protection of human rights when managing such instances.



What was the reason that the shooting match with Anil Dujana take place?

It was reported that the Uttar Pradesh police STF received information from intelligence sources suggesting that Anil Dujana had been hiding in an apartment rented by Lucknow. When they arrived at the address at night, the STF team was able to secure the residence and demanded Dujana to turn himself in.  It ended in the deaths of Anil Dujana as well as two of his accomplices.


What reaction has people to the incident with Anil Dujana?

 The confrontation with Anil Dujana was widely celebrated by the masses and has been requesting an investigation against Dujana and his gang members for quite a while.


What do you think of the critiques to shoot-outs in encounters?

Shootouts in encounters have been criticised for being illegal and infringing rights of the human. There’s been cases of the past when innocent persons have been killed in these confrontations. Police are accused of evading the law enforcement procedure.


What’s the best way to combat the problem of organized crime that is rife in Uttar Pradesh? Although encounters can play a importance in combating criminals, the longer-term solution is strengthening the law enforcement authorities, improving the delivery of justice as well as addressing social and economic factors that push individuals to commit crimes.


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