PAC code from Tesco

To get a PAC code at Tesco to obtain a PAC code, you’ll need to follow the following instructions:

Get in touch with Tesco Mobile Customer Service: dial 4455 from the Tesco Mobile handset or call 0345 301 4455 on any other number. Tesco Mobile’s Customer Service team will assist you in completing the PAC code application.

Ask for the PAC code: Tell the person who handles your request that you’d prefer to get an PAC code that allows you to switch your mobile number to a different service.

Get your PAC number: Tesco Mobile will provide you with an individual PAC code.

Transferring your number: Call the new network that you would like to join and give them the PAC code. The company will begin the process of moving your numbers from Tesco Mobile to their network. Make sure you check with the new provider for any additional requirements or specific actions.

Important: You must take care to pay off any outstanding debts or contractual obligations through Tesco Mobile before requesting a PAN code in order to avoid problems.

Be aware that this process could differ little by little, so it’s recommended to check the Tesco Mobile customer support to get the latest instructions.


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