Pubg Developer Krafton Has Filed A Case Against Garena In Coart [End of Free Fire]

Krafton claims that both Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max are heavily copying the majority from PUBG: Battlegrounds, including Battlegrounds, the game’s copyrighted, unique starting “airdrop” feature, the structure and gameplay as well as locations, the mix, and choice of weapons as well as the general color scheme as well as the materials and textures.

Krafton one of the designers of PUBG is suing the lawsuit against Garena and accused that they copied PUBG: Battlegrounds. Then there’s more. Krafton is also suing Apple as well as Google for the purpose of distributing games from Garena through their respective app stores.

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The company behind PUBG claims that Garena, Apple, and Google are earning billions of dollars by showing these copy-paste games on their platforms.

Krafton will also sue Google as well as Apple

Krafton is as well seeking to take Google as well as Apple to the court regarding hosting games in the Play Store as well as the App Store as well. It is also reported that the company has demanded Garena to “immediately stop its exploitation of Free Fire and Free Fire Max,” and has requested Google to take down YouTube videos that showcase Free Fire gameplay.

Furthermore, Krafton has also accused YouTube a content-sharing platform operated by Google of not taking down videos featuring Garena Free Fire. ┬áBecause YouTube is controlled by Google the two companies make revenue when their content is watched by the users of the platform. In this instance, it’s the content produced by the streamers and video creators in the form of Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max. Both Google as well as Apple have not yet responded to this claim Garena’s parent firm Sea said to The Verge that “Krafton’s claims are groundless.”

The feature also comes with a film that shows similar graphics as PUBG: Battlegrounds. It is reported that the film has no connection to the game, but can be available on YouTube.

The two Free Fire games are extremely loved in a number of countries, such as India in which the first Free Fire game was among the top-rated games in 2021. It was as well as topping the expenditure charts.

Garena has earned huge amounts from both Free Fire games as well. Based on information from App Figures through The Verge, Free Fire alone made $414 million by 2021. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, and PUBG Mobile’s China and India-specific variants combined generated the sum of $639 million.


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