Pm Modi India Happy To Join Single Use Plastic

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India is committed to eliminating single-use plastic. In his address to the top-level portion of the One Ocean Summit today, Modi spoke at the One Ocean Summit. Modi said that India is currently conducting a national awareness campaign that aimed to remove the ocean of waste and plastics. beaches.

The Prime Minister said that three thousand young people collected about 13 tones of waste from plastic. He also announced of his Indian Navy has been directed to give 100 days of service each year for the purpose of cleaning up oceans of marine litter. Modi said Modi said that India would be delighted to be a part of France to launch the world’s first initiative to eliminate single-use plastic. In his remarks in his speech, the Prime Minister stated that India is always an ocean-based civilization, and that today our safety and economic prosperity are tied to the oceans. The Prime Minister, Mr. Modi said that the Indo – Pacific Ocean Initiative includes marine resources as a important element.

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