The Ministry of Transport Is Launching a Road Safety Navigation App?[Date]

Road safety is an important problem for a large number of those who ride or drive through the streets of India. From the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways revealed that there were 449.002 crashes on the roads in India during the year 2019. It resulted in 151,113 fatalities and 451,361 injury. This means that every one hour 17 individuals perish while 51 are injured because of road accidents in India.

The app will offer actual-time information on the traffic pattern as well as potential hazards on the roads and posted speed limits. It will also provide actual weather conditions, as well as emergency assistance. The app for road safety will notify the user regarding any violation of traffic laws or rules like speeding too fast or jumping signals or driving impaired by substances such as alcohol or drugs, and so on.

The Vision: Indian Ministry Of Transport’s Road Safety Navigation App

In recognition of the need for improving road safety authorities from the Indian Ministry of Transport has adopted a proactive strategy in the development of a modern navigation system that promotes safe driving methods. The app is a pioneer that aims to provide drivers with live data and tools that allow them to make better decisions when while driving, eventually decreasing the chance of collisions as well as making roads safer for everyone.

The Road Safety Navigation App: Key Features 

The new road safety app features an array of new functions designed to aid motorists navigate Indian roads with greater safety and effectively:

Live Traffic Updates In Real-Time This app is able to provide users with the most current traffic data such as closures to roads, accidents and traffic congestion. It allows motorists to plan their route efficiently, while avoiding dangerous circumstances.

Hazard Alerts: This app provides timely alerts to inform motorists of the possibility of dangers on their routes, like potholes and sharp curves as well as pedestrian crossings.

Reporting Accidents And Help Accident : Reporting and Assistance incident that there is an accident Users can submit accident-related incidents through the app, which will facilitate rapid emergency intervention as well as alerting drivers of the possibility of danger.

Assessment Of Driving Behaviour And Feedback  :This app monitors users’ driving behavior, giving specific feedback as well as suggestions for the best ways to improve their driving and improving road safety.


Navigation With Voice Guidance

The Ministry of Transport will release a road-safety navigation application in India that will help motorists avoid congestion in traffic and cut down on the time spent traveling. The app will give live traffic information, real-time road safety advice, and information about emergency services to help motorists enhance their experience while driving.

motorists often do not pay attention to the speed limit. The app is designed to detect areas that are prone to accidents and warn motorists to be cautious when driving through those zones which will reduce the risk of collisions and making driving more secure.

An app that is free for navigation to Indian citizens. It will also send alerts on possible accidents, including speeds breakers, sharp turns and potholes. It will also notify motorists of congestion in traffic and provide alternative routes for them to reduce time.

Utilizing a text-to-speech (TTS) engine the navigation software utilizes GPS satellites to provide directions as well as audio files that communicate these directions to users.

TTS is now a key component in modern directional navigation systems that range from virtual real estate tours to the mobile store-finder app and even touchless information kiosks. TTS could be an ideal choice for these kinds of applications since it lets your application communicate with your customers using an identifiable and personal voice. This is something particularly important for brand-focused spaces.

Indeed, an increasing amount of companies have integrated directional navigation in their digital ecosystems, ranging from complete concierge services to the mobile apps for real estate tour. For this it requires a highly dynamic TTS voice that is able to live wherever it is on the cloud or local servers or even on your smartphone.

The most effective directional navigation program makes use of TTS to provide both voice and text-based direction. TTS engines provide authentic, real-life voice recordings that are personalised to the needs of your clients as well as your company’s image.

It’s not a secret that using the use of voice navigation is a major attraction for motorists and people who have visual impairments. However, it’s also an efficient tool for pedestrians too. Simply by selecting “Detailed Voice Guidance” in the Google Maps app, for instance, you’ll be able to be given voice directions while walking.

Benefits Of The App

 Better Road Security

The app provides actual-time information on the road condition and road conditions, which allows drivers to steer clear of hazards that could be present as well as dangerous driving behaviour.

 Reduction In Travel Time

With real-time updates of roads, the application can help motorists organize their travel more efficiently which will reduce travel time while increasing productivity.

 Real-Time Traffic Updates:

By using a road safety navigation application, you’ll get real-time updates on traffic conditions, roads closings and construction zones, crashes as well as other events which could impact your travel.

Alternative Routes:

The app will provide alternate routes that will avoid congestion and cut down on travel time.

Speed Limit Alerts:

It can also alert the driver of speed limit change and alert you when you go over the speed limits.

Weather Updates:

The app provides notifications and updates on the weather that help you prepare for the weather conditions that may affect your driving.

Hazard Alerts:

The app is able to warn users of dangers in the roadway, for example, potholes and abrupt turns or even animals that are on the road.

Customizable Settings:

The application can be personalized to meet your needs like showing the preferred route you prefer to take or not using the toll road.

Fuel Efficiency:

The application can also assist you improve the efficiency of your vehicle by offering specific information on best routes to take and methods of driving. In addition to reducing the time spent traveling as well as the possibility of causing accidents The app can also be beneficial to the environment, by reducing emissions of automobiles.

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How to Download the App

It is expected that the Road Safety Navigation App will be accessible for download across both iOS as well as Android devices from Play Store  and App Store respectively.


The Ministry of Transport’s decision to release a navigation application for roads that is safe will be a huge step in the fight against the pressing concern with road safety. Utilizing tech’s power, and creating a sense of shared accountability, the app has the capacity to save lives, avoid injury, and help create an environment that is safer that is safe for all road users.


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