Rajkotupdates.news : Apple Iphone Exports From India Doubled Between April And August

Apple is the world’s most valued company is working to grow its manufacturing facilities in India. Recently, there’s been positive developments regarding the Indian phone industry Apple iPhone exports from India increased by a third between the months of April between April and August.


It is believed that the Indian phone market is huge and has seen rapid growth over the last few times. Counterpoint Research also forecasts that India is expected to surpass its counterpart in the United States to become the second largest smartphone market on the planet in 2022.

Apple’s Manufacturing Operations in India

In the year 2017, Apple began producing some versions of iPhone versions in India as part of a collaboration with Taiwanese producer Wistron. Since the time, Apple has been gradually expanding its production operations in India. It has been striving to create a solid supply chain within India that will assist in decreasing its dependency upon China.

Apple IPhone Exports From India

The news recently that Apple iPhone exports to India are up by more than a third between April and August an encouraging sign for India’s smartphone market.  It’s a substantial rise, which indicates that Apple’s manufacturing processes in India are growing more efficient.

Details Of Apples Exports In India

If you’re curious about India’s Apple iPhone exports, you might be interested in the Rajkot Updates. The Rajkot Updates contain all the data contained in this report. The exports of India for Apple iPhones been doubled between the months of the months of July and April. There were the total reaching 1.5 million iPhones being shipped out of China.

India is fifth largest manufacturer in the world of iPhones as well as the second-largest recipient in the world of imported iPhones And Exports increased by 73% between April and August of the year 2020.

These records are in spite of the fact that imports are being impacted by China due to ongoing trade wars in the US and China. China as well as America. US. The Rajkot Updates have done a great job of exploring this topic in depth.

Factors Affecting Apple Exports From India

You might be wondering as to the cause Apple iPhone exports increased dramatically from India in the April- the August.

The Costs Of Production Are Quite Affordable

Costs of manufacturing for iPhones originate from India is significantly less costly as compared to other countries because of the cheaper cost of raw materials as well as labor. This is the reason it is more attractive to Apple to outsource their manufacturing process in India instead of other countries.

Widening Customer Base

It’s a massive market. Indian market is huge and it will only continue to expand as more customers are able to afford iPhones. This will boost the market for Apple products as well as aids in the growth of exports. The amount of incentives and subsidies is raised.

Indian government of India has also offered various incentive and subsidy plans to businesses like Apple which exports their products in India. It might also pushed companies to bring in more iPhones into India at this point.

At the end of the day, it is believed that the low costs of production and a larger quantity of clients and a rise in incentives and subsidies have been the key factors behind increasing Apple iPhone exports to India between April to August.

What’s The Cause Of IPhone Exports To India 

India has been renowned for its skilled workforce along with its lower manufacturing costs, making it the perfect location for firms that are in the technology industry to expand abroad.

Indian government can make investment in policy and infrastructure in order to spur innovation and development in order to benefit from this increasing development. This could involve making India more favourable to business through supporting the advancement of research and technology and also providing training and education programs for a well-educated workers.

The government can collaborate alongside the company to make sure the workers are treated with respect as well as the protection of the environment.

The Benefits of Apple In India

The growth the number of Apple iPhone exports from India offers numerous benefits to the giant tech company. In the first place, by making iPhones within India, Apple can save money on manufacturing costs. In India, the lower costs of labor and tax-friendly policies makes it a desirable location to manufacture. Through reducing costs of production, Apple can maintain its profits, while ensuring its prices competitive on the marketplace.

The second reason is that the growth of the manufacturing activities of Apple in India aids the company in reducing its dependence of China. In light of the current tensions in trade between China and the United States and China, Apple is trying at diversifying its production. Through expanding the manufacturing facilities through India, Apple can reduce the dependence on China and lessen the risks that come with trade wars.

In addition, by producing iPhones from India, Apple can also be able to meet the requirements for the Indian market more efficiently. India is a highly price-sensitive country which is why Apple has faced stiff opposition from rival smartphone manufacturers which offer smartphones at cheaper prices. In manufacturing iphones from India, Apple can bring lower the price of their devices and make it more affordable to Indian users. This can aid in helping Apple grow its market share in India as it is crucial to help the growth of the company.

In addition in increasing its production facilities by expanding its manufacturing operations in India, Apple can also increase its presence within India. India is an extremely competitive marketplace, and Apple has to contend with other smartphones brands, specifically the ones that make their products in India. In manufacturing smartphones in India, Apple can create jobs, increase the economy of India, and help the India’s Make in India initiative. This will aid in helping Apple create a positive image of its brand in India as well as strengthen its ties to Indian government officials. Indian government.

The Benefits Of India If Apple Manufacturing Starts In India

The growth of Apple iPhone exports from India has a variety of benefits for India. First, the expansion of its manufacturing facilities in India helps create jobs and strengthens the economy of India. Through hiring more workers, Apple is contributing to the expansion of the Indian manufacturing sector which is an important issue of India’s Indian Government’s Make in India initiative.

Furthermore, the growth in manufacturing by Apple in India assists the country in attracting greater foreign investments. It could also assist India attract more foreign investments and create jobs as well as boost growth of the economy for the longer term.

Additionally, by producing iPhones from India, Apple is also helping to build India’s technological ecosystem. it can create an effect that spills over to the Indian tech sector. Through collaboration with local suppliers and other partners, Apple can help develop a more robust supply chain within India.

In addition, by exporting iPhones produced by India, Apple is also aiding in improving the country’s trade balance. India has a high net exporter of electronic items which is why Apple’s exports reduce some of the country’s imports.


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Challenges Ahead

Although the rise of Apple iPhone exports from India is encouraging however, there are challenges to be overcome in the Indian smartphone market. It is hard for businesses to find the necessary raw materials for the production of mobile phones within India. Another issue is the absence of skilled laborers in India. It is therefore hard for businesses to locate people with the required skills for the production of smartphones.


To conclude, the fact the fact that Apple iPhone exports to India are up by more than a third between April and August is an encouraging signal for both Apple and the Indian smartphone industry. It shows that India is becoming an significant production center for technology firms, and also that India’s smartphone market is growing efficient and competitive.


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