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Arun Gandhi’s death has created an emptiness in the world of non-violent social justice and opposition. Arun Gandhi was Mahatma Gandhi’s grandchild. Arun worked tirelessly to promote the values of nonviolence and make the world a more tranquil and equitable place.

Biography of Arun Gandhi

Arun Gandhi was born 14 April 1934 in Durban, South Africa.  Arun was raised living in South Africa and India, being deeply inspired by his father’s ideas of social justice and non-violence.

Arun relocated to America in 1987. United States in 1987 and began his journey to become a American citizen in the year 2000. He graduated with a diploma in socio-political economics at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai and then earned an advanced degree in journalism at The University of Illinois.

Arun was also a journalist. as a journalist Arun was also a militant for justice in the social sphere and non-violent opposition. The institute is located within Rochester, New York. It works to encourage the nonviolent and promote social justice by providing education, training as well as community outreach.

Arun Gandhi’s Activism

All throughout his existence, Arun Gandhi was committed to non-violent resistance in the name of social justice.

Arun believes that peace was the single most effective weapon to fight injustice, and that the people were able to create changes through peaceful methods. Arun also stressed the importance of pursuing the most sustainable and simple lifestyle in order to reduce the harm done to the natural environment and encourage the cause of social justice.

Arun Gandhi’s Illness

Arun Gandhi was sick throughout the time prior to the time of his death. The former activist was admitted to hospital several times during the last few years, and was undergoing several procedures. Even with his struggles with health, Arun remained committed to his mission and was able to encourage others by sharing his messages of peace and justice for all.

Arun Gandhi’s Legacy

Arun Gandhi’s contribution to the field of peace and justice can be measured. The man influenced a multitude of people to adopt nonviolence as a method of social transformation and he was a constant activist for justice and peace.

The legacy of Arun will continue by the efforts at the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and by the many people that were influenced by his guidance. The work of his life serves as an inspiration to all that we can make a an impact in our world.

Remembering Arun Gandhi

Following Arun Gandhi’s passing, messages of condolences and condolences were pouring into the world from all over. Everyone from every walk of life spoke about their memories as well as experiences in the company of Arun and emphasized the significant influence he played in their lives.

Arun was a role model for empathy, compassion and humility. his life is an example of the importance of these characteristics to create a peace-loving and fair world.


In conclusion, Arun Gandhi was a persistent supporter of social justice and nonviolence, hence his demise is a great loss for the world.  His work is an example to all of us and his influence will influence the next generations. . Even though he may not be here anymore, his lessons and the difference he made in so many people’s lives will endure. Let us continue to strive for a just and peaceful world in order to honour his memory.


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