Leak Of Microsoft, Amazon, and Infosys Job Interview Topics Following From Many Years

Software engineers who are aspiring often imagine getting interviews from the most famous tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Infosys. we’ll look at the five strategies shared by an experienced Google software engineer who helped to get job interviews from top companies in the industry. With these suggestions and tips, you can also improve your job prospects and make yourself stand out in the marketplace for jobs.

 1: Building a Strong Technical Foundation

For a successful career when it comes to software engineering It is essential to have a sound technical base. Two subheadings will aid you in this regard:

Pursue a Relevant Degree Or Certification

Achieving a degree that is relevant or certification shows your dedication to the subject and your expertise. You can also take advantage of certifications to prove your proficiency in particular software languages or technology.

Engage In Personal Projects And Open Source Contributions

Contributions to personal projects and open-source projects show your real-world capabilities and love in software development. Make your own project to address real-world problems and make active contributions to the open-source repository. It demonstrates your capacity to be a part of collaborative initiatives and the desire to gain knowledge from the open-source community.

 2: Mastering Data Structures And Algorithms

Two subheadings are provided to aid you in mastering this essential field:

Study And Practice Data Structures

Examine their properties, functions, and their time-dependent complexity. Utilize these data structures in the programming language you prefer and try solving problems with the data structures.

Focus On Algorithm Design And Analysis

Learn about various algorithms, such as search, sorting, as well graph algorithm. Study their time and space complexity and comprehend their application. Find solutions to algorithmic issues using paper or with programming languages, to improve your problem-solving abilities.

 3: Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills

A skilled problem-solver is vital for engineers in the field of software. Two subheadings can aid you in improving your problem-solving capabilities:

Solve Coding Challenges And Puzzles

Participate in challenges for coding on various platforms, including LeetCode, HackerRank, and CodeSignal. They offer a broad variety of challenges with different degrees of difficulty. You can regularly solve these problems to enhance your skills in coding and increase your ability to solve problems.

Participate In Programming Competitions

Participating in programming competitions like ACM ICPC or Google Code Jam is an opportunity to evaluate your capabilities against another skilled programmer. They often pose unique and challenging problems that need inventive solutions. Participating in these competitions, will not just improve your problem-solving skills but also get exposure to various problem areas and gain knowledge about the expertise of other contestants.

 4: Building a Strong Online Presence

Building a solid web presence will significantly increase your chance of being spotted by the top tech firms. Two subheadings will assist you in this area:

Create And Maintain a Technical Blog

The creation of a blog for technical topics allows you to display your knowledge as well as share your thoughts and help the wider developer community. Create articles about programming principles or software engineering methods and innovative projects that you’ve completed. Keep your blog updated with useful content and connect with your readers via discussion and comments. It demonstrates your capacity to effectively communicate complicated ideas and establishes you as an authority within your area.

Engage In Online Developer Communities

Participate in online communities for developers like GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Reddit for a chance to meet fellow developers, exchange knowledge, and share projects. Participate in discussion forums and offer help to other users and ask for help in the event of need. Being active in these communities doesn’t just expand your circle of friends, but will also show your love to continue learning and cooperation.

 5: Preparing For Interviews

Being able to get an interview invitation isn’t the only step. It’s important to be prepared thoroughly. Two subheadings can assist you with this:

Practice Coding And Technical Interviews

Make time for practicing code as well as technical interviewing regularly. Be familiar with the commonly asked interview questions and strategies for problem-solving. Make use of resources like Cracking the Code Interview written by Gayle Laakmann McDowell. This book gives comprehensive information regarding the technical aspects of interviewing. Furthermore, you can use websites that provide mock interviews and connect with your peers to take part in rehearsal sessions. If you are able to practice your interviewing skills, more confident and confident you’ll feel when you go through interviews.

Focus On Communication And Soft Skills

Be aware that just technical abilities will not be enough to get a good interview. Soft and communication skills can be crucial in convincing interviewers. Improve your ability to communicate your ideas in a clear manner while listening attentively. You can also make thoughtful inquiries. Develop the teamwork and collaborative skills you have since these are extremely valued in the industry of software engineering.


If you follow these 5 tips for a seasoned Google software engineer you’ll be able to dramatically increase the likelihood to receive job-related interview requests from reputable companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Infosys. A solid foundation in technical skills in data structures, mastering algorithms, developing problem-solving capabilities and establishing an online presence, and preparing thoroughly for interviews are vital actions to stand out in the highly competitive market for jobs. Be sure to keep in mind that perseverance, commitment as well as continuous development is the key to reaching your professional goals within the area of software engineering.


 Are certifications necessary for getting job interviews from top firms?

Although certifications may show your commitment and knowledge in your chosen subject, they’re not the only basis for obtaining interviews. Businesses often consider practical abilities as well as real-world experience. Yet, having relevant certificates could improve your resume and boost the likelihood of being sought-after.


How can I manage my time between personal work and doing my research for interviews in technical fields?

Making a compromise between your personal work as well as technical preparation for interviews could be a challenge. You should allocate time to each time frame, and set aside certain times or days each for your personal tasks and some to prepare for interviews. Set priorities based on your objectives and timeframes. You must also be conscientious in the efforts you make in both areas.


Can networking help in obtaining job interviews?

Absolutely! Networking is an essential factor during the process of job searching. Join industry conferences, and professional networks and network with experts in the desired firms. Establishing genuine connections and requesting recommendations can greatly boost your chance of being contacted for interviews.


Should I focus on a particular programming language in preparation for my interviews?

The best way to prepare for HTML0 is to be able to master at the very least one programming language however, most businesses place emphasis on the ability to solve problems and basic concepts above proficiency in the language. It’s suggested to possess an in-depth grasp of algorithms, data structures, and techniques for problem-solving which can be used regardless of the programming language being used.


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