Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Invoked “The Kerala Story” To Highlight An Alleged “Anti-India” Plot That Was Uncovered In A Film

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Invokes ‘The Kerala Story’, Calls India ‘Anti-India The Kerala Story’ is a Plot Expounded in Film
The 4th of May in 2023 on May 4, 2023, the Indian Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi gave an address on television, in which he cited the “dangerous pattern” that involves “anti-India” storylines being depicted in the film, and used “The Kerala Story” to provide an example. The Kerala Story is a new Malayalam film that has been accused of propagating anti-national and separatist views. Modi’s remarks have sparked passionate debate throughout the country and some have praised his stance against “anti-national” movies, while others claim he is limiting the freedom of expression.


The speech by the Prime Minister is once more bringing the subject of artistic freedom and censorship back to the forefront of our public discussion. The article will explore the following issues:

The debate surrounding “The Kerala Story film”.
The views of the Prime Minister about the film and other similar films.
The discussion on freedom of expression versus. national interests.
The consequences of the stance taken by the government concerning the issue of censorship.
The reaction from the film industry, as well as civil society, has been to the speech of the Prime Minister.
The controversy surrounding The Kerala Story The film
The film has drawn a wide range of criticism for its claims to promote separatism as well as nationalist sentiments.

The directors have been defending the film by saying that the film is fiction that does not endorse any specific ideology. They’ve accused left-wing groups of trying to restrict freedom of speech and expression.

Prime Minister’s views on the Film as well as Similar Movies

In his address in his speech, PM Modi highlighted ‘The Kerala story in his speech as an example of an example of the “dangerous tendency” of movies that encourage “anti-India” attitudes. The Prime Minister urged the film industry to be more accountable in the way it portrays sensitive topics and refrain from spreading false information and hate.

Modi’s remarks have been lauded by many who believe films such as ‘The Kerala Story are a source of separatism that undermines the unity of our nation. Some have also criticized his comments, asserting that they constitute a restriction of the freedom of expression.

There is a Debate on Artistic Freedom vs. National Interest

The controversy over “The Kerala Story” is a reminder of the ongoing debate about artistic freedom, and the limits it has when it comes to national interests.

Contrarily the people who place a high value on the interests of the nation argue that freedom of expression should be subject to certain restrictions, particularly with regard to matters of national security and uniting. They say that films such as “The Kerala Story” can be detrimental to society and need to be restricted or made illegal if required.

The implications of the government’s Position regarding Censorship

They are concerned that the speech could result in increased censorship and restraints on the freedom to create. There are many who fear that the government’s policy may be used to silence opposition and silence critique.

Additionally, the lack of definitions for what is “anti-India” opinions or national interests could result in arbitrary restrictions on artistic freedom. This may have a damaging influence on the creative industry that plays an essential function in shaping public opinion and encouraging diversity of thought.

The Reaction of Civil Society, the Film Industry and Civil Society to the Speech of the Prime Minister

The film industry as well as civil society has responded strongly in response to the Prime Minister’s remarks. Film industry professionals have expressed displeasure with the government’s position regarding censorship, saying that it’s a retaliation for freedom of expression and artistic freedom. They claim that movies such as ‘The Kerala Story’ are fictional works and ought not to be banned or barred simply due to the fact that they may be sensitive or controversial.

Civil society organizations have also expressed concerns about the stance of the government on the censorship issue. They say it can have a negative effect on the freedom of expression, undermining the principles of democracy in the country.


The controversy over The Kerala Story film as well as the speech of the Prime Minister brought to light the current debate over the freedom of expression and censorship in India. Some argue that freedom of expression is subject to restrictions for national security and unity Others believe that these restrictions could result in a restriction of freedom of expression and speech.

All steps that are taken to control the industry of film or limit artistic freedom must be taken without obscurity and only after engaging in dialogue with all the stakeholders.


The film’s subject matter has received criticism.
It has been accused of allegedly encouraging separatism as well as anti-national stances.

What does the Prime Minister’s opinion regarding this film?
He has pointed to “The Kerala Story” as one of the examples of the “dangerous tendency” of films That promote “anti-India” views.

What’s the next step?
Governments must consider balancing national security and unification with the ideals of free expression and artistic freedom. All steps that are taken to control the film industry or limit artistic freedom must be taken in a transparent manner and following engagement with all parties.


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